My Favorite Apps – Update June 2016

hey all!

so i don’t know if you have been reading m&mh for a long time, but a little more than a year ago i did a post of my favorite iPhone apps (which you can see here!) where i included the starbucks app, snapchat, human, after light and shop kick. so today i will be sharing my new / recent favorite apps.

so here we go:

  1. VSCO : this is a photo editing / photo sharing app. it has the coolest filters and you can fix the strength of your filters ,etc. i really love this because it shares the photos that i want to share, but not sharing on instagram.
  2. Waze : waze is a traffic and navigation app. it inputs the traffic in the area and you put in your location and this app takes you in the way with (hopefully) the least amount of traffic. this is also cool because it shows you where the traffic is terrible and where there is a policeman on the road and etc.
  3. Pinterest : you all know pinterest! the app/website where you can store your things to save on certain boards and organize them! i love the iphone/ipad apps because its very easy to pin on the boards its easier with a touch screen.
  4. Fitbit : y’all also know what fitbit is. its a pedometer basically that connects to your phone that shows your daily steps, helps to count calories, track how much water you drink and how many minutes of exercise you do.
  5. Bookling : so recently i have been going to library and picking out more books to read and i have been reading more books for fun outside of school books. this app tracks the books that you read! its great!

hope you enjoy these and download these apps!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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