Summer Sandals

hey all!

its far into summer now, and i felt like i haven’t done many summer style posts, and i have really been wanting to do one, so today i am sharing some cute summer leather sandals.

i have been REALLY liking these tan leather sandals because they are perfect to pair with shorts and different colored dresses and even a pair of black leggings. i’ve been doing my research to find cute summer sandals that aren’t too expensive.

so here we go:

  1. Lands End Laced Gladiator Sandals: $40, these lace up the whole leg, they would look great with some j.crew shorts or these ones that i love!
  2. Massimo Lavinia Slide Sandals: $20, these are a simple shoe FROM TARGET!!! that are just really cute, i love the detail in the front with the straps, and this would really look great with any white (or other colored) summer dress.
  3. Billabong Seaing Double Sandals: $45, i also LOVE these sandals from billabong, they are the perfect summer sandals, they could honestly be worn anywhere from beaches to the country club.
  4. Billabong Crossing Over Sandals: $30, these are perfect and i really love the white detail on it, it would be a perfect fit with a white dress or a little swim cover up.
  5. Jack Rogers ‘Maci’ Flat Sandal: $137, okay so these are a BIT more expensive!! they also jack rogers though, so it actually makes sense why they cost a little more then usual, but they are really cute and would be perfect for special more fancy occasions.
  6. Aeropostale Circle Perforated Flip-Flop: $8, i just think these are really simple and cheap. they are perfect casual shoes.
  7. Aeropostale Crochet Strap Flip-Flop: $13, i really LOVE the details on the straps, the simple white “crochet” (i guess) and i totally think that with a little t-shirt dress these shoes would really shine.
  8. Steve Madden DONDDI Sandals: $59, i really like the simplicity of these shoes, i think that the color is just perfect and screams “SUMMER” good to dress up or down, and i can attest to the quality of steve madden shoes, i absolutely love these!

hope y’all enjoyed!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)



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