Khat with Kate: Citrus and Style

hey all!

i’m feeling the heat today, and california is definitely way too hot! to keep myself from dying from boredom and heat exhaustion i have a special surprise!

today i have another installment of my interview segment with

*drumroll please*

Caroline from Citrus and Style


and since i love her blog so much, i really wanted to ask her some life related questions and some blog related questions, and of course her answers are in pink!

so here we go:

-When did you start blogging?

As a freshman in high school! It’s crazy to think how much my blog and I have grown over the past four years. 

-How did you get into blogging?

I started citrus & style on a total whim because I needed a creative outlet for all these ideas I had been storing in my head. Going to a private school, I was pretty stressed out and needed a way to unwind and re-inspire myself. I remember writing my first post (How to Personalize Your School Uniform) and was immediately hooked on being able to share what I love with others! 























Why do you enjoy blogging?

Like I mentioned before, blogging is a way to inspire myself and feel productive doing something that I truly love. It’s so incredible to get to form friendships with likeminded people from around the world and work with brands with pieces I adore. Not to mention, it’s a way to earn money in a way that is really fun for me! 

-What do you like to do for fun?

I love exploring new areas of town with my friends whether it’s a cute café for brunch or a new hiking spot along the lake. Working out is something I genuinely enjoy so finding fun ways to shred some calories with friends like biking across town to shop is great as well! 


-what is your favorite social media platform for showing your blog off?

Instagram is the easiest and most visual way to show aspects of my blog, so I would have to say that would be my favorite platform. However, I personally love Pinterest the most because creating organized boards for different topics is perfect for a Type-A person like myself! 

you can find her instagram here

and her pinterest here

-what would your advice be for other bloggers? what would your advice be for bloggers looking for getting into the game?

If you have enough time to start a blog and think you would be passionate about running one, I say go for it! I had no idea what I was getting into when I launched it as a freshman in high school, but maintaining citrus & style has given me so much purpose and inspiration in my life (as cliché as that sounds!). Consistency and content are key in my opinion; you want to make sure you are posting regularly and that your content is enjoyable for your demographic. One quick trick is to make a list of 50 post ideas to see if you have enough content to start a blog. I also recommend avoiding any paid site design services in the beginning because it’s crucial to be able to learn how to work everything on your own!  


hope you all enjoyed this post as much as i enjoyed interviewing caroline!

you can check her blog out here or by finding


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)



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