My New Favorite iPhone Case

hey all!

today i am bringing you a lifestyle / fashion-y post! its more lifestyle-y because of course a lot of people have iphones, and its fashion-y because of course the case is so cute! so without further ado, i want to introduce you to my new favorite iphone case!


i am absolutely in love with my jimmyCASE! i have the iPhone SE / 5 / 5S Wallet Case with Card Holder, in the Pink and Gray Stripe with the White Bumper.

and basically today i am just going to talk about my favorites specs on this case…

– well, first of all its made in america! and you cannot say that about many products, and the shear quality of this product shows really, i cannot tell you how many times i have dropped my phone while wearing this case, and as you can see, not even as much as a BUMP or SCRATCH appears. so i really can attest to the quality of this product that is made in america.

here is my phone case again at lunch with me!

-another aspect i absolutely love about this case is the wallet pocket. this case is not bulky like a typical wallet case, and it doesn’t have that pesky cover that blocks your screen or camera. instead, this case has a little elastic stretchy pocket where you can easily slip a few cards and cash in to just take without a purse, or just for easy access. i really do find this case much easier when i am just running to the market to grab something because i just slip a little cash in and don’t have to lug around a purse all the time. also i just love the pink and gray colors together on this product!

even my dad loves my jimmyCASE!

-my other favorite aspect of this product is the durability of it. as i mentioned before, this has no bumps on it, but i never explained why. well, jimmyCASE uses premium products of the mahogany on the case (a design that I absolutely love). the maghogany really is not just a cool accent the purpose is to keep the phone safe which i can attest that it really does keep the phone safe! and this case is so affordable, at a sold $39 anyone would be a fool not to buy it!

well, i hoped you enjoy this post, make sure to check out jimmyCASE on line by going on!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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