Update with Kate: My Day in LA

hey all!

so a few weekends ago i got to experience a very LA day, and i visited west hollywood. to give you context that is the area of melrose-ish nice area with great restaurants, shops and more. so today i want to share with y’all some of my pictures and what i did that day!

lets get started:

first, my family and i took a trip to the shake shack


here is my food with my new phone case! so in case if you don’t know what shake shack is its an east coast burger chain with ONE LA location, so naturally we had to check it out!

my review: i had the season “white cheddar burger” and their famous crinkle cut fries, and let me just tell you…YUM!! this is so good, and saying this i am not a burger fan, like i would way prefer some new york style thin crust pizza over a burger, but this is one of the best burgers i have had. and fries are basically my specialty and should i even dare to say that i liked the shack’s fries better than in-n-out, because personally i think they are WAYY better!!

on to the next spot, since we were in the area we stopped down in melrose:

romper / shoes

i told myself i wouldn’t be basic… yet i so am. you probably know where i am, and if you don’t know where i am you have been living under a bridge for awhile man. i am in front of the ICONIC pink wall of paul smith in LA. basically everyone ever takes cute and trendy photos in front of it, basically add me to that list!

because i cannot apparently stand with two feet on the ground :))

and i visited nasty gal!


i really couldn’t help myself, i was determined to take a mirror picture with an entirely mirrored dressing room , and i absolutely LOVED some of the off the shoulder tops they had at nasty gal, and they may be featured in my next fab five ;))

next we went to alfreds tea room in melrose


which i did talk about in my post about my summer bucket list!! which you can see here: and anyway, i got a iced matcha latte with almond milk which was a real winner in my book !

i also did a very LA thing which is finding these amazing painted walls and going for photo shoots…


this wall is by an artist called RETNA and features unique script lettering, it can be found West Hollywood Library, 625 N. San Vicente Boulevard, West Hollywood, fair warning it is on the back of a parking structure so its a little difficult to find.

so i really enjoyed that!

then we visited sockerbit (which i mentioned in my bucket list post)


man no candy will ever live up to how good this is, because of its all natural ingredients its just trumps all!

and my 2nd place winners (aka i visited on a different day)


i visited the churro borough, this is a small batch ice cream shop which makes these absolutely AMAZING ice cream sandwiches. huh? well what makes them so special?


the cookie part is a churro! and you would be skeptical about this but walk out wanting more like my whole family!

well i hope you enjoy this picture post! comment if you have tried any of these places or are looking forward to trying them!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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