How I Pack – and Printable!!

hey all!

on sunday night i came back from a little weekend newport beach visit, and i realized, i am not sure if i have ever shared with you the way that i love to pack, and i actually have a little way that i LOVE to write my own packing lists so i made a little printable for y’all to use!

here we go!

first i start with my packing list

download here

packing list template

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 6.36.55 PM.png

this is what it looks like! it has four separate areas which you can label by different categories, i usually seperate into clothes, toiletries, food & fun and miscellaneous.

then, once i finish up making my first list i recheck online lists and make sure i have made a collective list for myself and im not missing anything.

my next step is sorting my clothes:

i put all of my clothes and etc what i am taking on my bed, i usually sort by outfit because i usually pack in outfits rather than just random clothes that all work with each other.

then, i grab a suitcase, i sort by size, by days and by trip.

if i am going on a weekend trip then i take my small monogram duffel

if i am going on a road trip i usually pack a medium sized rolly suitcase with my sister and my blue large kanken for the road

if i go on the plane i usually pack all of my clothes in a carry on suitcase, and i bring either a longchamp tote or kanken backpack for during the flight

thats usually my layout but it changes per trip

then i actually pack in my suitcase

i usually just roll my outfits together and seperate by days and looks!

well i hope you enjoy my favorite ways to pack

kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)





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