Update with Kate : ALIGN PANTS

hey all!

i don’t believe i have told you, i have been working this summer. which means naturally that i have been doing work and getting paid (SCORE!) but that also means i have extra money in the bank, which i am trying to save up for right now, but…

two weeks ago my sister , alix, and i went shopping, i of course was looking for a pair of lululemon leggings in a light gray color with a certain pattern on them.

i walked in, asked the gal at lulu if they still had them and she told me flat out that no they didn’t have them and in fact she “never saw them even come in the store”, i was so sad. but this lady knows me, (of course) and she knows that i am a sucker for lulu lemon pants so she introduced me to the new pants at lulu called align pants


(this is now where you hear the angelic music followed by a ray of light)

and i asked the lady, okay they just look like black leggings, why are they different from my typical lulus (which i had on that day)

well she told me they are made of a new (lulu) fabric called NULU and also made of lycra.

OK, so what then, because to me that had no meaning what so ever… then she asked me to feel them, i imagined the typical lulu feel kinda cotton strecthy material but not spandex)


i came across a whole new substance, probably the softest material i have ever felt.

now this is where i expect you to say: “Okay well they are soft, but they are still just leggings” (thats where i was -mentally- at lulu that day)

then my favorite lulu lady to proceeded to talk about these pants -they must be special then, right?- she said they are very lightweight and supposed to not be distracting and you are supposed to feel naked

now i stepped back, whats the point of pants if you dont feel them on your body? i was VERY skeptical of these pants

but because this is my favorite lulu lady i decided well, i wil just try them on, no big deal i mean trying on doesnt mean buying the pants.

i got into the dressing room and the lulu employee opened up the big room for me, and i was like sweet, i have room for all of my stuff now!

i proceeded to put on the pants

i pulled them on my calves, and thought “well they feel like butter, but if i continue to pull them up ill start to feel like they are just lulus typical feeling”

and then i pulled them all the way up…

first of all, the feeling, the girl wasn’t lying, you really feel comfy and they are not distracting they are great

second, they are flattering as heck they make me look so good, and then i walked out to show my sister and the lulu girl and (the lulu girls are so nice and they always give you a great sense of self confidence)

so i decided not today, and i just walked away…

but in newport beach i went to fashion island and bought them!!!

im wearing them right now tbh

and they are 100% worth the money

well, i hope you enjoy this lil post about my new fave leggings

kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)




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