August Word of the Month: Organized

hey all!

summer has been great, but my organization over these past two months has been very bad.

so I hope this August is…


I mean I’ve been working and I have been making my bullet journal and using my planner to track my sleep, water, exercise and khan academy homework (thank you school for giving me due dates along the way!)

but other than that I am so unorganized… I mean when I make plans with friends the plans are practically changing up to the minute. And when I get home from work I am not good anymore I just roll onto my bed and watch Netflix and eat fatty foods.

and my room, oh I need organization in there most of all…

how will I try to be more organized this month?

well, I created a little printable (which you can find here) so I’m gonna use that and put it on my whiteboard right by my door. I am gonna spend 10 minutes before I go to bed planning out my next day. I don’t know really if my plans will stick, but hey it’s a start! I am also planning on buying a bunch of clear plastic totes for organizing all of the stuff in my room so I know where/what everything is that I have.

so i hope you enjoy! if you have set a word for your month or an intention please comment down below! i wanna see what you are up to!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


One thought on “August Word of the Month: Organized

  1. This month I am making my word, well it is two words (lol) is/are “work hard”. I start back school on Thursday and I want to “work hard” at school by staying on top of my homework/tests/etc. I also want to “work hard” on my blog! I started my blog about 2 weeks ago and I want to “work hard” on my content and on getting people to learn about my blog (I am only getting about 25 views a day, the most I have ever received is 65) If you have any tips about how to get people to learn about my blog PLEASE let me know. Thank you!

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