101 in 1001 – My Halfway Review

hey y’all!

do you remember when i started my 101 in 1001 days, well today (actually yesterday wednesday august 3rd) was/is  my halfway point!

I HAVE ALREADY GONE 500 DAYS, HOW SCARY IS THAT! its totally insane and scary, it makes me feel old, and makes my blog feel old, so i decided that when i reached my halfway point i decided that i would do a update, i have been updating it all along the way, but today i wanted to do a special update that would show up as a new post! so here we go:

keep in mind, i have updated as recently as august

  1. Finish this list (March 23, 2015)

  2. Get 450 subscribers to my blog (okay, I don’t know the exact date, but I noticed on May 22, 2015 that I had 454!)

  3. Get 100 followers on my Instagram and Twitter

  4. Make 5 Blogger Friends (PaulinaKateAshley, Sammy, Olivia)

  5. Save my money, until I get to $1000 (May 2, 2015)

  6. Write a collaboration with an other blogger (With Paulina look here)

  7. Get a Job (working at my school teacher’s assistant)

  8. Get real fans  (gradually happening!)

  9. Buy a Website Domain (Christmas 2015)

  10. Have someone design my Blog (me I love my redesign ! October 10th 2015)

  11. Write in a journal for two months (BULLET JOURNALING May-July)

  12. Inspire someone to start a blog

  13. Grow my hair out, past my shoulders (a little bit–then I cut it! May 2015)

  14. Learn how to use Photoshop, and buy Photoshop (June 2015!)

  15. Read 1 Book a Month for 6 Months (April –Crazy Rich Asians, May-The Royal We, June-Skin and Bones, July-#GirlBoss,  August-Joy Luck Club,September-Perks of Being a Wallflower!)

  16. Get ads *good* on my blog

  17. Do a giveaway on my blog (may 2016)

  18. Do a thirty day photo challenge

  19. Do 8 pinterest crafts

  20. Build a terrarium (June 4th 2015)

  21. Visit the East Coast (again)

  22. Ride a segway or a vespa

  23. Make exercise goals and actually do them (May 2015)

  24. Buy/Get a nice camera (May 9th, 2015, The Nikon 1 J5)

  25. Save my money to buy my own *personalized* Palm Beach Sandals

  26. Spend a day on Catalina Island

  27. Go thrift-shopping (for Costumes, June 2016)

  28. Go to Vidcon two years in a row ( 2014, 2015)

  29. Host a fancy party (my sweet 16 see it here )

  30. Make a whole day of food from Pinterest (May 2015)

  31. Jump in a pool fully clothed

  32. Go one month with out shopping

  33. Start collecting coffee table books (I started with the Kate Spade book!- April 19th 2015)

  34. Get my license (May 2016)

  35. Do a fancy professional photo shoot

  36. Run a 5k with my sister

  37. Travel to a new state (Nevada July 23-25, 2015)

  38. Travel to a new continent

  39. Take a Trip with my Sister (Newport Road Trip July 2016)

  40. Re-do My Room

  41. See an NBA Game

  42. Create the perfect home-office space

  43. Pull off an epic surprise

  44. See snow (December 28, 2015)

  45. Invest in some Hunter Boots (nordstrom anniversary sale! 2016)

  46. Establish my style (that would be preppy! SUMMER 2015!)

  47. Buy 5 monogramed things (1. My Backpack 2. My Water Bottle 3. iPhone Case 4. My Necklace 5.A duffel bag)

  48. Design and order business cards (October 2015)

  49. Meet 3 blogging friends – in person

  50. Attend a midnight premiere of a movie

  51. Go through my closet, and actually weed out things that I don’t like (June 2015)

  52. Make my own bracelets

  53. Take a photography course (at School 2016)

  54. Buy a new phone

  55. Send care packages to friends

  56. Try a Juice Cleanse

  57. Get a 45 or below on a 9 hole course

  58. Paint on a canvas (July 2015)

  59. Buy a Lilly Dress (April 2015!)

  60. Find my perfect makeup routine (April 3rd, 2015)

  61. Visit Disneyland *again* (April 18th, 2015) (May 16th, 2015)

  62. Make my own stationary ( for snail mail sisters! Summer 2015)

  63. Learn how to *really* use chopsticks (June 6th, 2015, my Dad’s friend Kirk taught me!)

  64. Host a DIY/Pinterest Party

  65. Take more pictures (since I bought my camera! SUMMER 2015)

  66. Attend a blog conference

  67. Give a piece of furniture a redo

  68. Dress up fancier more often (Summer 2015! when i bought my lily dresses!)

  69. Buy a whole outfit together

  70. Run a disney race

  71. Be happy with my body

  72. Learn how to drive (May 2016)

  73. Work on my posture

  74. Go to a conference (Vidcon 2015)

  75. Go to a concert

  76. Send 10 handwritten notes to friends (10/10)

  77. Regularly work out for a week (Week of April 5-11 2015)

  78. Let my blog turn one, while still writing on it (October 5th 2015!)

  79. Develop a good photo taking process (Summer 2015)

  80. Create a budget (April 7th, 2015)

  81. Go to a fashion show

  82. Get a maise purse from Kate Spade (Christmas 2015)

  83. Invest in a pair of great heels

  84. Go two weeks without junk food

  85. Go ice skating

  86. Get a massage

  87. Make homemade pasta

  88. Re-Watch a Show I enjoyed (Glee March-April 2015)

  89. Make a cake with Fondant

  90. Learn to Shoot Manual (May 2015)

  91. Actually print the photos I take (June 2015)

  92. Make a polymer clay figure (I made a macaron how fitting! July 17, 2015)

  93. Do a media fast (for one day) (April 6th, 2015)

  94. Have a disney movie marathon

  95. Get to 10k pins on pinterest (March 2016)

  96. Make homemade ice cream (CHOCOLATE, Father’s Day 2016)

  97. Watch 5 classic movies I have never seen (1. Sabrina-March 30, 2015, 2. Gentlemen Perfer Blondes- April 1, 2015 3. 9 to 5- April 11, 2015  4. The Producers- April 17, 2015 5. A Room with A View- April 25, 2015)

  98. Get a Henna

  99. Learn how to surf

  100. Go to San Francisco (August 2015)

  101. Finish everything on this list

55 things accomplished… I am halfway at halfway. I’m so glad for your support for all this time, and I am so glad you read Macarons and Must Haves!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)



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