My Back to School Necessities

hey all!

how has your week been? of course, i have been getting ready for back to school!

so today, in my new back to school series i am sharing with y’all my back to school necessities. the stuff i have to have with me at school, my necessary items!

lets go!!


here are my essentials, ill go one by one


so first, here is my backpack:

L.L.Bean Deluxe Book Pack -$29 (on sale right now!) : I have had this backpack for many years now, I usually switch up my colors so this year i picked the color dahlia purple this year. I also had it monogrammed in the style “initial flared” a new style for me this year, but i absolutely love it!


here is my water bottle:

32 oz Wide Mouth Hydroflask -$39.95 : okay, so this water bottle is a little expensive, but it’s a REALLY GREAT WATER BOTTLE. it keeps cold up to 24 hours, and I’ve tested this, i brought it to all day girl scout camp and on an overnight and i didn’t open the bottle till the next morning and there were still large pieces of ice! so basically i just LOVE cold water!

and i have my iphone case and my pencil case!

i have a

iPhone 5 Battery Case , Maxboost Atomic S iPhone Charger For Apple iPhone 5s -$29 : this is a super iPhone charger case! on top of being super cute, it is super functional because it charges so well. so when you forget to charge your phone the night before school you still have access to your phone because of this case!

0.55 liter Really Useful Box – $2.99: this is just supposed to be a storage box, but it works terrifically as a storage box. it holds all of the pens that i need as well as some washi tape and some post-it note flags!

so all, that is pretty much it for my essentials!

i hope that you enjoy, if you have any school essentials please share it with me!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)



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