My Back to School To Do List

hey all!

today is august the 21st and i officially go back to school in 8 days.

oh my god, EIGHT DAYS!!!


i am kinda excited but very scared because i still have alot of stuff to do before school starts

so naturally i still have stuff to-do, of course

so today i wanted to share what my to-do list still consists of at the moment:

  • label all of my school supplies
  • make my binder covers
    • you can download ones that i made here blue / pink / purple
    • follow the link onto the website : canva where you can edit and change to which class or block you want for your own binders!
  • put together your uniform / outfits for school days
  • put together my backpack
    • organize my essentials kit (advil, eye drops, mints/gum, hair ties/hair pins and lotion, etc.)
  • put together my locker
    • grab my carpet, locker shelf and mini white board
  • take a trip to costco
    •  buy easy snack options and last minute paper needs
  • make copies of my schedule for around the house and different school supplies
    •  i like to print out my schedule and hang it in different locations around my house to help to memorize my schedule
  • organize my desk area
  • organize my white / cork boards
    •  throw away unnecessary papers, etc

i have to admit, this is kinda all i have to do except for homework!

so tell me what you still are having to do before school!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)




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