hey all!

so about six days ago, my sister moved into her dorm at usc, so today I am gonna share with you all what her dorm looks like, and whats in her dorm!

lets get started!


okay, so i thought that you could do alot with dorm rooms. turns out that even how hard you try it still looks like a dorm room! you can’t get away with it looking small

what is on the bed:

grid duvet cover / everyday is an adventure pillow / black and white pattern pillow (similar) / pillow backrest / blanket

whats on the walls:

hamilton poster (printed at kinkos) / command hanging strips / pictures

whats on the desk:

storage boxes / storage boxes patterned / printer / sorting rack / pen box


and here she is!

happy college student! she started classes yesterday, and shes enjoying her dorm room!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)



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