My Back to School Finishing Touches

hey all!

so, since i officially go back to school in 4 days, i wanted to share with y’all my finishing touches for before school

my back to school finishing touches:

so its very important to plan some easy ways to make / buy some easy lunch foods to eat, so i picked out snacks and lunches! see the ones that i like.

planning snacks to DIY or buy:

peanut butter oat squares / oatmeal granola bars / chewy peanut butter granola bars / homemade fruit leathers

planning lunches to DIY:

microwave mac and cheese / freezer bean burritos / homemade spaghetti-ohs /

homemade hot pockets / sesame noodles

so some of my other last finishing touches include cleaning my adidas, in the article below it explains in steps how to clean your old shoes

how to clean adidas leather shoes

my next step would be loading all of my pens into my pencil case for school, at this point i also color coded my pens. i put labels on each of my pens that i need for taking certain notes.



my other finishing touches include packing my backpack and labeling all of my supplies. i bought monogram stickers from DavisVinylCreations on etsy. i absolutely love their product and would recommend these stickers to anyone!

hope you enjoy!

let me know about all your finishing touches for school!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)



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