Khat With Kate: The College Prepster

hey all!

welcome back to another khat with kate! this is my monthly segment where i interview some of the blogs and the bloggers which i love to read!

today, on the blog i have…

Carly from The College Prepster

this is a blog that i have been reading since the 8th grade, and this is one of the blogs which made me want to start a blog altogether, so i am super happy to welcome my interview between carly and i

lets get started! :




– When did you start blogging? 

2008, I was right in the middle of my freshman year of college

– How did you get into blogging?

My first year at school wasn’t the easiest transition for me. I was struggling big time and desperate for some kind of creative outlet. A friend recommended that I start a blog… and I did!




 -Why do you enjoy blogging?

I love so much about it. I love creating content, I love the analytics, I love running a business. I REALLY love getting to meet people.

 -What do you like to do for fun?

 Watching movies, Reading books, Playing with the dogs, Practicing yoga and Going to the beach




 -what is your favorite social media platform for showing your blog off?

 Instagram (which you can see here!)

 -what would your advice be for other bloggers? what would your advice be for bloggers looking for getting into the game?

I have a whole post with my best advice! 

well i hope you guys enjoyed my post with Carly

you can see her blog here: the college prepster

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have a great day!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)




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