Focus On Me! : An Update with Kate

hey all!

so officially i have had my first week of school!



but i have an incredibly hard time focusing back into school.

my mind is still on summer time, which seems like it could be a good thing, but it really is terrible.

i am still in the mindset that i can go home and watch netflix, and then start my homework in “30 minutes” but this 30 minutes turns into more and thinking that i can multi-task while doing things, but i really cannot.

and you know, i have golf everyday. so i get home around 6 pm because golf is 3:30-5:30

so i get home and watch an episode, and after one episode, i am completly ingrained in what i am watching and decide well now i can start doing chem.

NO KATE, you CANNOT watch One Tree Hill and learn about matter at the same time. sure, matter exists on the rivercourt in tree hill, but YOU DO NOT NEED TO MAKE A CONNECTION THAT WAY.

i focus better listening to music surprisingly even though, i recently i learned that its better to not listen to music (see my reaction here!)

so i just really need a way to figure my focus.

so if you have any tips for me for focusing please comment down below!

thanks! i hope you enjoyed!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)






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