My Bullet Journal : My Favorite Waste of Time

hey all!

when you know what they say  “The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”

out well i LOVE spending time in my bullet journal. which i probably spend about an hour per week setting up or filling out.

do you know what a bullet journal is? well about six months ago i didn’t either well this is the cover of my bullet journal.


so basically in bullet journaling, you use an empty notebook and make a planner. i use a notebook called LEUCHTTURM1917. i absolutely love this notebook because it comes with page numbers and an index, so you can track your months and look back to pages if necessary.


sorry that these are such low-quality pictures, but here is what my weekly layout looks like. i layout my week, then use colorful washi tape to decorate. i typically buy my washi tape from target, paper source and maido. and i use STABILO pens in my planner, but i layout with muji pens.


here is my monthly layout. also for each month, i make a “spending log” where i track how much money i make or spend. i also make what is called a habit tracker where i track how many days in a month i slept 8 hours, or any habit that i would like to to better with.

sorry for the low quality pictures. i will share again soon how i make my bullet journal and how i write *(etc)

thanks for reading!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)



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