September : National Yoga Month

hey all!

i cannot believe it is already september 18th! its crazy that times goes by so fast! i

i can’t believe that only 6 months ago i was still taking yoga classes! i started the first week of february and went all the way till the first week of june. this was an amazing class which i had either twice or three times a week.

this class really put me in an amazing peace of mind. i seriously loved and from there i took a few small lessons around my area and i started to remember again why i loved it so much. but with my lack of time and lack of mobility (ability to get to the classes) i really couldn’t get back into the classes full time.


hearing that this month, september is national yoga month, i became very excited, of course, i want to get back into classes, but because y’all know (from my article about routine) that my amount of time is severely lacking, and we did a time scheduling worksheet with my advising group, and i only had 12 hours free! 12 HOURS PER WEEK!


and that isn’t counting blogging. so i have 12 hours to fit in my blog, my social life, AND keeping up with my netflix shows.

so i have decided to put together a board on pinterest of different yoga poses that i can do at home…

take a peep here!

so i am going to share a few of my favorite pins with yoga “how tos”

i hope you enjoyed my post today!!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)




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