My Bullet Journal Supplies!

hey all!

so, about a week ago, i made this post, about my bullet journal.

so as you might know, it takes a few tools to really use and make your bullet journal stand out!

so today, i wanted to share with y’all my favorite bullet journal tools!

so to start off!

i have a box full of my washi tape, cool scissors, stamps and ink

box / michaels plain washi tape color pack / target tape ( this is one of the many that i own) / paper source planet washi tape

a lot of people love washi tape, but it is also really expensive! so its really good to buy the sets of washi tape at michaels or the dollar section at target has a lot of really nice washi tape for $1, which is super cheap!

next my journal

i have a leuchtturm1917 journal which is freaking amazing! it is perfect for bullet journaling because it has a built-in index and already numbered pages.

i specifically have the pink colored one with “dotted” pages which means that there are dots that would be lines.

on my journal, i have a monogram sticker from etsy here! and i have it in “style 2”

for my pens!

i love my pens so much, they are really the most important tool for me because i love bright and crazy colors!

so i have:

stabilo / zebra mildliners / staedlter pens

i love the pens because they are all porous point, which means that they are like sharpie tips but have an extremely thin tip.

they are amazing pens are perfect for all writing and drawing!

hope you enjoyed!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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