Music in My Head – September

hey all!

do you know the feeling where you can’t really get a song out of your head! like you are sitting taking a test and all of a sudden selena gomez comes into your head?

well i have decided to share with y’all all of the songs that have been playing in my head all month this month!

here is my playlist

so here is what i have on my list, or what i found with myself that i was singing, like WAY too much

  1. Kill Em With Kindness by Selena Gomez
    1. as mentioned before, i was literally taking a test when this one came into my head. seriously i love this song so much, i sing it all the time! and all of my golf gals know :))) KILL EM KILL EM KILL EM
    2. favorite line: “Your lies are bullets. Your mouth’s a gun”
  2. Heathens by Twenty-One Pilots
    1. THIS SONG! first of all, it is from the suicide squad (which i have not yet seen, but i have heard that it is amazing). it is on the radio ALL THE TIME, which is probably the reason why i always find myself singing it!
    2. favorite line: “Why’d you come, you knew you should have stayed. I tried to warn you just to stay away. And now they’re outside ready to bust. It looks like you might be one of us”
  3. Closer by the Chainsmokers & Halsey
    1. Okay, this comes with a funny anecdote. At my school, we have a spoken word club where at lunch on friday anyone is allowed to come up and do a poem or spoken word piece. this can really be anything from something from a famous author, yourself, or you can recite the lyrics to a song. one of my friends went up and recited this song in front of most of the student body and i was just cracking up! it was so funny, and it has been in my head ever since.
    2. favorite line: “From your roommate back in Boulder. We ain’t ever getting older”
  4. Cold Water by Justin Bieber and Major Lazer
    1. this is just a total feel good song for me. its a pump up running song, or when i am golfing alone, i put in my headphones and hit balls crazy up in here like zach efron!
    2. 2qwdijt.jpg.gif
    3. favorite line: “And if you feel you’re sinking, I will jump right over
      Into cold, cold water for you”
  5. Too Good by Drake & Rihanna
    1. first of all, drake and rihanna need to date. they both have such amazing musical talent which the world needs to see together more often. this is also one of my pump up songs, it is great when i am getting ready for an event, like putting makeup on.
    2. favorite line: “My friends always feel the need to tell me things. Seems like they’re just happier than us these days”
  6. Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down) Hamilton
    1. HAMILTON, you didn’t expect that i would go through a music post without mentioning hamilton. so this unit in APUSH we studied the battle of yorktown, so i just listened to that like a bajillion times. AND it was actually super helpful!
    2. my favorite line: “I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory. This is where it gets me: on my feet the enemy ahead of me. If this is the end of me, at least I have a friend with me weapon in my hand, a command, and my men with me.”
  7. Take a Break Hamilton
    1.  this is a total pump up song. i love the letter reading in the song, and the beat just makes me so happy.
    2. my favorite line: “My dearest, Angelica. ‘Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in this petty pace from day to day.’ I trust you’ll understand the reference to another Scottish tragedy without my having to name the play.
      They think me Macbeth, and ambition is my folly.”
  8. Hurricane Hamilton
    1. THIS IS MY BELT SONG. now i sit in my car and pull the windows down and sing really REALLY loud to this song, so i love to belt out this song because its just so passionate, and intense.
    2. my favorite line “I wrote financial systems into existence and when my prayers to God were met with indifference I picked up a pen, I wrote my own deliverance.”
  9. Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes
    1.  okay, so why is shawn mendes is so attractive!! his voice is so melodious and listening to it can be comparable to listening to an angel from the heavens sing. this song is my fave to listen to in the van on the way to golf with my team.
    2. my favorite line: “‘Cause I know I can treat you better than he can and any girl like you deserves a gentleman”
  10. Needed Me by Rihanna
    1. THIS SONG IS ULTIMATE JAM!! you don’t even understand, whenever this song comes in i dance, and if you know me, i am not particularly a dancer in any form, so its a little weird for me.
    2. my favorite line: “Didn’t they tell you that I was a savage? **** your white horse and a carriage”

i hope y’all enjoyed this post!!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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