hey all!

guess who got her drivers license!


so last two thursdays ago, september 15th, i took the test at the california DMV for

driving is super fun and really cool, but also really extremely scary. there is one minute that you can be on the road, and the next you could be flipped over on the side of the road.

and why should i worry so much, i think there is an importance within fear. this fear provides caution and allows for one to always been careful to make sure that you are paying attention for all of the necessary time that you are driving in.

i have learned so much from driving.

driving has taught me to be able to focus while listening to music and also that there is always something that you are missing.

if you are a driver, you know you do not only check once, but you check twice to make sure that you are not missing  a car coming, because if you do, you will have exreme trouble.


so there is a really funny gif from bobs burgers of tina (the character with the bowl cut right above) from an episode where tina learns how to drive.

here is the clip

so watch it, its really totally funny, and very relevant to every situation. i just love the freedom that comes with driving, even though i only have really driven to go golfing alone! but it is something different!

i hope that you enjoy!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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