October Word of the Month: Brilliant

hey all!

so its finally october!


and it feels much more ‘fall’ than it did that week in september so thats cool.

i get to dress more fall, and act more fall!

so for october i picked the word…


i hope this october will be brilliant, because i feel like i need a brilliant month right now. i am just in my mindset that i need a month to bring me up, and for the blog, i need your help to my make blog even more brilliant, so i hope you can help me!

how will i try to be more ‘brilliant’ this month?

well i want to make more brilliant content for y’all! as per mentioned i wanna know what you want from me and from my blog. so, last month i had theme days every sunday, tuesday and thursday, i decided i really didn’t like that layout so i am just posting any post on any day, just because i love it.

and! i made another change to my blog, so exciting!!!

hope you enjoy!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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