2 years blogiversary

hey all!

guess what today is?

a very important day in the history of macarons and must haves.

its officially my two year anniversary… or what i like to say is my blogiversary‘ 


i am personally so proud of how my blog has grown and become something that i LOVE LOVE LOVE to do and even something i have considered for a career in.

so in my intense feelings of nostalgia, i am gonna share some memories with y’all of my blog !

(my first post ever) – (first year anniversary post)

^ these are two SUPER CRINGEWORTHY posts!! i don’t even know why man, they are super short and practically contain no content at all!

y’all might not ever remember this (because it has almost been a year since i changed the name), but my blog used to be called macarons and marchesa and i decided to change the name to macarons and must haves because i decided to move away from the less ‘high fashion’ to the more baseline fashion that i actually wear and style in my everyday life.

i want to thank y’all! all my loyal readers out there for sticking with my craziness through thick and thin and for providing an audience for all of my insane and indecisive thoughts.

you guys are always here to help me whenever i need it most, and i thank you for all of the support y’all have given me from nice comments on the posts to nice comments in everyday life.

i hope there will be more years to come with your fabulous support


gatsby says cheers to you!


thank you…

just thank you.

i have the honor to be your obedient blogger



kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)




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