DIY Snapchat Filter Halloween Costume Ideas

hey all!

its halloween season!

yay! or not? I am not sure

I am not sure if i really like halloween or not, i am really not sure because i always like the idea of dressing up, but with the idea of continuing being ‘brilliant’ this month so whether i like it or not, its coming, and its coming soon.

so i really would really love to put together my own costume, because buying a costume is not my deal.

so here we go!

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  1. Snapchat Butterfly Filter
  2. Snapchat Dog Filter 
  3. Snapchat Flower Crown
  4. Snapchat ‘Shine Bright Like A Diamond’

i really like the idea of a snapchat filter as a costume because i can kinda think its super chill because its really up to interpretation and you can kinda wear anything as a base outfit and do makeup or hair to make it costumed.

hope you enjoy these ideas!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)



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