An Update with Kate : Perfectionist

hey all!

happy sunday! i have been so busy y’all that i forgot last month to do an update with kate!

so a few days ago i saw a photo on twitter…




my first action was to laugh, then i actually thought this is so relatable.

i am a perfectionist. no shame in it.

its both a good thing and a bad thing, naturally (as most things can be good AND have flaws)

being a perfectionist is good because it means that everything is always overdone and done to perfection! this means that i will spend ample time on assignments and pieces that i complete. i also love to gift wrap, so if i am wrapping something for you, you better believe that it will have PERFECT curling ribbon over the top that i will have likely spent at LEAST 1o minutes curling.

but being a perfectionist has its downfalls…

its a flaw because i am never quite happy with anything less than the best. as per mentioned before, this means that time is an issue. this means that i will take more time than the average person with things that don’t really even matter. continuing with the idea of gift wrapping, i often mess up my curling ribbon and spend so much time getting annoyed that the curling ribbon won’t curl like it needs to.

its just a thing okay.

i have learned to live with it by knowing that i need ample time to complete my stuff, and then i saw the photo above. i realized how many people feel the same as me, i mean i go to an all girls school and MOST of the girls in my class feel the same way, that they have to be perfect because they have something to prove, whether its to their family or to society, i respect my classmates for this, i get this.

we know that we have to appear as ‘perfect’ most of the time, or someone will judge us, that is just how it works, and its sad but it is true.

i hope you enjoy!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)




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