Fall in California: 3 Looks

hey all!

its already been a long week, and its only tuesday. it has rained TWICE in california within these past two weeks, which is really weird and a little uncommon, but rain tends to mean it is getting colder than it used to be, maybe it is finally fall in california!

anyway, whether it is cold or not i am gonna dress for fall. so i am gonna share with y’all today three special fall looks for when fall is still 70 degrees, here we go!

look #1:


shirt / jeans / shoes / purse / nail polish 1 / nail polish 2 / bangles / sunglasses / earrings

for a more casual look. perfect for windy days outside or walking around the inside mall in town. cool for lunch with friends and the top can easily be made into a fancy outfit with a skirt.

look #2:

screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-8-39-11-pmdress / shoes / purse / camera / sunglasses / watch / nail polish / palette / bangle

this is a cute look which is a little fancy dressed down. the shoes make it a bit dressed down, but this can also be dressed up by some ballet flats or tights and boots combo for under the dress.


shirt / skirt / shoes / backpack / earrings / bangle / sunglasses / nail polish

this is my favorite look of the post. i absolutely love the skirt, which is from j.crew factory (AND IS ON SALE RIGHT NOW) i think the skirt is super cute and could go with the top from the first image, and these shoes are super cute!

i hope y’all enjoyed my outfits!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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