November Word of the Month: Gratitude

hey all!

welcome to november, its now 11/1/16, halloween is over and it feels like we are really ready to go for this year, like i am completed and we are 10 months through the year and its genuinely so crazy for me, because 2017 will be crazy because i will finally be a senior, and that will be way too crazy, but i am not trying to get too far ahead of myself and try to live more in the moment instead of looking ahead because it often provides a not necessary stress for me, so let me get off of the 2017 cliff and focus on november, lets go!

so for november i have picked


the word gratitude means “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.” (according to google). november is often the month of gratitude because of thanksgiving which is probably the most notable event in november (besides my half birthday which by the way is tomorrow!).

how will i try to be more ‘grateful’ this month?

this month, i will be trying to give back as much as i can to others. november for me is gonna be less of a me month, and more of how can i help my family and help those who seek in my community, or online. i will also try to be more  thankful for the things that i posess, and want less, i would like to be less needy with material goods and more willing to share with others.

so, i hope you enjoy this journey through the month, i will have some exciting new articles and ideas to share with y’all for this month, get ready! and please feel free to share if you have any ideas for me for posts, like what y’all would like to see from me!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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