Notes Notes Notes!- My Favorite Ways to Take Notes

hey all!

today i am bringing y’all a school related post because right now i can easily say that i am drowning in schoolwork, and the only thing that is saving me right now is pretty notes!

so i have mentioned many times before that i love pretty notes (here / here2 / here3/ here4 – just to mention a few of the times i have talked about notes, believe me, i have mentioned this more than four times)

so today, i wanted to share with you the two different ways i like to take notes!

so here we go!



so if y’all are unaware, notability is an app made for the iphone, ipad and mac computer that you can take notes with.

this is a super cool note taking app because you can draw using pens and highlighter with your fingers or with a stylus. this app allows you to input a pdf document that you can write on top or highlight without printing it. this has a really special environmentally friendly option because it  doesn’t require you to print it to make any further notes (but you can also print it) and its super useful because you can erase on it and make notes and make it look perfect to use which is perfect for me.

although this app costs $4.99 (which is a really hefty cost for an app y’all know i wouldn’t buy an app more than .99$ unless it was a super special app)

way #2:

handmade notes!


Screen Shot 2016-11-12 at 9.37.26 AM.png


handmade notes are kinda awesome guys! i mean you can get a ton of cute pens (which everyone loves AM I RIGHT?) also just writing on pens and paper is just much easier to control and its kinda nice to stay away from technology.

also a ton of my teachers do not allow me to use technology in class so pens and paper is so classic!

i hope you all enjoyed today!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)




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