My Favorite Mascaras + Reviews

hey all!

i don’t know about you guys but i love mascara. its probably my favorite type of makeup because its super easy to apply (and i hate to make sweeping generalizations but) it pretty much makes people look good.

as you may be able to see from the photo i use four different types of mascara: one blue one, a detailed one, a lash gel and a regular mascara.

so why don’t we start!

  1.  clinique ‘chubby lash’ fattening mascara : i am so sad because they no longer offer this in blue, but about 6 months ago i bought it in blue. since i have blue eyes, its exactly perfect and makes my eyes look even more blue. it just looks perfect during the summer and typically with more colorful outfits or black shirt, but no brown or grey.
  2. bare minerals lash domination volumizing mascara petite precision brush: i absolutely love the brush on this one because its brush is super great for detailing. since it has a smaller brush, it also helps to get out clumps, apply to bottom lashes and to get those little lashes that are closer to your nose and harder to apply. bare mineral’s mascara formula is super awesome because it is really easy to build with from the base.
  3. the body shop brow and lash gel: this one is awesome because its colorless. i have a tube of this to basically finish off my mascara regimen/ it also works to brush & comb out eyebrows to tame them and totally works well after filling them in for that finishing touch. it is not necessary to use, but its truly an awesome product that totally helps with clumps or other mascara issues.
  4. too faced better than sex mascara: this has a totally raunchy name but its a totally great mascara. seriously the wand to apply the mascara is totally amazing because its really well textured, while the product is also really nice as well because it lasts a really long time as well as lasts really well with water. they also offer a waterproof one which i have not tried yet, but the original works seems to be fine for me. so 5/5 i will recommend to anyone who is looking to try it.

i hope you enjoyed my mascara reviews today!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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