An Update with Kate : Retreats

hey all!

so its wednesday, yet i have a blog post. but i have a great reason for waiting to post.

basically i just came home from my junior class retreat.


and i go to an all girls school, so for us, retreats mean bonding like none other especially with all girls. many might believe that an all girl school is a hotbed for cat fights and just all around girl drama all together, but this is entirely not true.

our bonding is freaking awesome.

we have the best activities like building tall towers of marshmallows and dry long pasta


and FYI my team won (the best team on the planet) because our tower was the highest and we basically all had different disabilities (for example some were blind) i had my left arm taped to my body so i was unable to use my left arm, but my right arm was right on key. we won because i realized that we could communicate all of our ideas together to create an awesome end product.

we also colored mandalas and tried ‘zen sitting’ both were pretty awesome and super calming in my life.

another one of my favorite bonding moments was during the evening when our whole class had a karaoke session.

this was super awesome because all of my favorite hamfam (y’all know who you are 🙂 ellie, christine, kat, carmen & trin) got to sing to ‘alexander hamilton’ the first song in the musical.


my entire class sang ‘the climb’ all together from the hannah montana and its hontesly such a song that is a throwback but also a current song about the journeys that we face together as a class.

the retreat center was in malibu and was super pretty because it was up in the mountains so we could see all into the water and it was just simply so perfect to watch and just look over the view and do nothing, like it was so peaceful.

my absolute favorite part of the retreat was the affirmation notes


so basically we all made ‘mail boxes’ which we were allowed to decorare any way that we want to so i just decided to decorate with my name.

so we were given post it note sized papers and we could write notes to other people in our class.

i was personally so touched by all of the nice notes that i recieved. i feel so much more loved, like you never truly realize how much other people enjoy just having you in their lives, like i enjoy all of these people, its nice to know that they enjoy me too!

i had a great time at my retreat, and i am honestly letting you guys know if you get a chance to go on retreat go, because its a great experience with whomever you go with, but it also allows for alot of great self growth.

i am also so excited to be able to go to another retreat in the new few weeks, because i get to do this all over again!


i love & appreciate y’all so much!

kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)



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