December Word of the Month : Joy

hey all!

its december, so lets do a christmas countdown starting today.

right now there is

24 days till christmas day

isn’t that so exciting!

so its december 1st, lets get with the post today, my word of the month!

for december i have picked


the word joy is a noun, that according to google means “a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.” and recently i have been thinking, well joy is different than happiness, because, for me, happiness is satisfied with gifts and material things, but joy is another thing. i often say i am ‘happy’ but never really ‘filled with joy’. why is this? why does joy for some reason seem so unattainable?

how will i try to be more joyous this month?

i wanna focus less on the materials, and more on the relationships and the people around me this month. especially because its christmas this is gonna be super difficult because all around me will be focused on gifts, but i will try to focus on more than what meets the eye.

i am planning a special christmas post for every friday because i wanted to do blogmas, but as a full time student, i don’t really have the time. so look out tomorrow for a super special christmas themed blog post!

i hope you enjoy!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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