Khat with Kate: My Holiday Traditions

hey all!

2 days till christmas!

in some of my more recent posts i mentioned to y’all about my school during christmas, well here is what it looks like!


here is the chirstmas tree with the boxes with gifts in front filled with gifts. we have such a tall tree, and its so beautifully decorated by our student council in our red and white colored (our school colors) ornaments.

so today i just wanted to share some of my holiday traditions, and since i have already

first, my family and i decorate our tree, of course.



and then we make cookies,


we love to make these giant ginger cookies from martha stewart (i mentioned them in THIS blog post!) and as you can see above i was hoping that santa might bring my gifts early, in exchange for cookies and milk, but ALAS! it did not work!

but this cookies are really awesome and everyone loves them!



and yesterday my friends and i visited the americana in glendale. they had such a big tree there, its super cool and the whole thing doesn’t even fit in the frame!

I hope you enjoyed! 


Kate wins!  



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