What I Got for Christmas 2016

hey all!

i can’t believe it’s december 27, 2016 and christmas is done and over.  kinda but not really, i mean christmas is basically over but hey we are still within the 12 days!

i am really annoyed though because i go back to school on january 3rd, literally the day after the rose parade! i am very upset.

but away from the upsetting points of life, lets get to the christmas gifts from 2016.

s0o this year my family was really great and got me things i all really liked. i do not mean to brag by any sense, but instead, to just display what i got!

lets go!!

i got :

  1. Hamilton, a Revolution Book
    1. Does my family know me or what? I mean i have been wanting it forever but…
    2. img_7872
    3. and thank god I was willing to wait for it! like it’s beautiful and so cool inside like bless Lin Manuel Miranda and his messy handwriting, like it’s a really awesome book all about the show.
  2. Elevation Highlighter Palette
    1. Y’all know about my love for highliters i mean I made a whole post about how much I love it. It’s super awesome because of the middle baked one with the blue and pink little blends in it! Plus it’s super ray to apply and looks great on my face!
  3. BP Boots
    1. i think these boots are super cute. i mean they have super cute heels on them, plus they are not too expensive!
  4. VW Hub Cap
    1. okay this one is funny because it goes with a story. It’s a super awesome gift because I have a bug with one missing hub cap. I mean it’s not that noticeable but it definitely looks and feels like something is missing when you look at the side of the car. but my aunt bought me this as a gift and opening it I was so confused but I absolutely love it and I am so greatful.
  5. Tea Yes, You Maybe Mug
    1. my sister got this for me. she knows that i love alfreds tea because not only do i love matcha green tea, but that store is literally so my aesthetic.
  6. Breakfast at Tiffany Nail Set
    1. okay, my nails are often my favorite beauty thing. i mean nails are super awesome because they are very versatile.
  7. ELF Nail Polish Set
    1. YAY! more nail polish, does my family know me or what. i love that there are so many shades and i love the glitter polishes with a few layers they look so good and i am so excited to use them!

i hope you enjoyed my post!!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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