2016 : Macarons and Must Haves Year in Review & Welcome to 300!

hey all!

i cannot believe that 2016 is almost over. even though we only have two days left, it feels like we should have much longer left in the year i mean we are 364/366 (because we had leap year this year) so i don’t really know how its almost over. i mean time flies,

i mean time flies, this year, my sister graduated, i turned 16, became an upper classman, learned how to drive and my sister went to college. i mean i have basically had such a crazy busy year.

and do you all remember my last years review? well i am doing another one this year!

lets go why don’t we!

in january 2016:

i set my 2016 resolutions:


i also renamed my blog to macarons and must haves!

and that was very exciting!

also i decided to set an intention for every month, january, my first month, became ‘focus’

moving on to feburary:

i set my intention as ‘positivity’


then i spoke about my planner.

i made a galentines day gift guide.

and made two posts about my yoga class, my yoga experience and my favorite yoga stuff!

lets go to march


i introduced y’all to my dog, teddy

as well as sharing a march playlist  and created a macarons and must haves alphabet of all the things i talk about.

in april,


i gave y’all an update on kate giving an existential idea on what i want to do with my life.

in april

i shared spring posts like what’s in my purse.


i also shared my birthday wishlist!

may 2016:

in may i turned 16


i also shared pictures from my 16th birthday party

now for june

june was  very summer-y month!

i created a sandal guide, and a father’s day gift guide

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 3.15.37 PM

i also posted about the jimmyCASE, one of my favorite iphone cases.

lets go for july

i redesigned my website in july! i had w completely white layout with my new logo

i also asked what you wanted to see on my blog!


i was also able to show you guys what i loved from the nordstrom anniversary sale!

time for august!

dorm room design

i shared with y’all along the way my sister’s dorm room i helped with!

i also shared a post of my sister leaving me, and how i felt.

september 2016

i started my month with the word ‘routine’ and i made a monthly playlist for september


i also went back to school and shared with y’all photos of me in my uniform.

lets go with october,

the month of halloween, so naturally i shared my halloween costume ideas for this year!

i shared two posts about my favorite products


i wrote a review of thristymud, and i gave a list of my favorite stick highliters.

i also celebrated 2 years of blogging! how exciting!

now for november,


i shared with y’all my plans for friendsgiving, and pictures from my actual friendsgiving.

i also shared photos from my retreat with my junior class.

in december, i mainly focused on my christmas as i wrote an extra post every friday!


i made christmas wishlist early in the month,

then i made a lot of different gift guides, one for secret santa, one for stocking stuffers and one for prepsters.

then i shared with you all what i got for christmas 

i hope you enjoyed this whole year! i am so glad i got to share this with y’all.

also its my official 300th post! i can’t believe what amazing time i have had with all of y’all!

xoxo, i wish y’all well for the new year

kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)



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