My New Years Resolutions 2017

hey all!

happy new year! its january 3rd and today i already went back to school!

man i totally miss break, like during break i could sleep in, and work out and it was honestly so nice!

so i wanted to share with y’all all of my resolutions for this year!!

lets go!

#1 : I want to be healthier.

#2: I want to volunteer more.

#3: I would like to have better self confidence.

every year #1 is one of my resolutions. i mean i absolutely since i was 12, like for sure. i feel like every year i will strive to be better, i mean of course i would like to eat more naturally and to work out more. this is just for my general health.

#2 is just for others. over christmas i worked with the pasadena jaycees (the junior chamber of congress) in their operation santa project. we drove around dressed as santa and mrs claus and delivered toys to needy children. i loved seeing the looks on their faces when the needy kids got their toys.

and the last one #3, is just i wish that i felt as good about myself as how others feel about me. my friends have such high views of me, and i wish i had the same about myself.


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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