New Year Workout Routines

hey all!

continuing with my january new years resolution theme, i have put together a list of my favorite pre-made workout routines as well as ones that i have put-together my self!

here we go!

pre - made workout routines.png

#1:  in the park


#2:  hit the barre workout


#3: one song workout : sugar


#4: kendall jenner workout plan


#5: hiit workout


#6:  tone it up weekly schedule 




#1: run & roll out

i usually run or walk for about 1.5-2 miles depending on my daily energy. i go to run on a treadmill or run in my neighborhood. if i run in my neighborhood i usually run about 1.5 miles because its partly uphill but if i’m on the treadmill  i typically do the full 2 miles because i don’t have anything uphill. after that i either return home with my foam roller or i use the foam roller after the treadmill. at home this is my foam roller i use. i typically roll out my legs and my knee because i have previously injured my right knee.

#2: golf driving range

i actually haven’t been golfing in months, but i am planning on going back to the driving range soon. i am planning on going every saturday early in the morning for 30 minutes. there, my routine is typically i stretch out my arms, then get a medium bucket of 45 balls. i typically go from my pitching wedge, to a 5 iron, through most of my irons then to my driver. then after that i finish with the putting green.

thats pretty much it!

thanks for reading


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)



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