An Update with Kate : Letting Go

hey all!

we are past winter break and i am back to school, and this week over the announcements i heard that my school’s basketball team has officially moved into their official season play.

not gonna lie, this made me a little bit sad. i miss my team, i miss being on a team. i mean golf is off season so currently i am not seeing the same group of people after school every day.

i mean there were a lot of reasons why i didn’t wanna play basketball this year. a major one being i am doing art after school on tuesdays and thursdays. i am doing an extensive art program for two hours after school (sometimes i admit, its a tad long) but we also watch movies, listen to music and talk while doing art. its super awesome because i am in this cluster of girls who are all creatives and we all influence each other, and help each other not only for ideas, but also in small ideas.

another reason is my knee, i mean basketball is more than just running. so my knee became really aggravated because of the fast stops, and dribbling and just like running back and forth. other people affect basketball, i mean the moves of others and just even making free-throw shots hurt because of my knees. so honestly i am saving my knee from more aggravation.

no longer playing basketball definitely has been hard because i feel like something is missing in my life. i mean, i totally thrive when i am totally over booked and over busy. like when i have nothing to do after school i totally flounder and have nothing to do, i put on the netflix because i have so much time. i am not busy enough, like i love having too much to do, which is why i have my workout rotuines which i do every monday, wednesday and friday!

so thanks for hearing me out today!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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