What I Hate About Social Media: From a Blogger Perspective

hey all!

whats up? how is your life right now? its tuesday and i am crazy busy this week, i have been having exams on and off from last week, this week and next week. i have been crazy busy and was so glad that i had yesterday off of school and i hope that all y’all had a fabulous mlk jr day yesterday and a restful long weekend.

so today i want to share a not so popular opinion:

i hate social media

thats it, i said it. i know its a taboo for a teenager, and its also a taboo for a blogger. just because i am 16 i should just love everything about social media and just love it but honestly its just so much work.

social media is just so much work.

like so much work, and half of it is not even real. like most people show a happy experience, but its not as sunny as it seems to be in experiences.

like for example,

Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 9.32.38 PM.png

this photo, i posted for christmas was a set of macaron ornaments that i recieved for saint nicholas day.

seems easy right, you know, just open the box and put it in between the tree branches right?

but in this photo taking experience, there is also this one



  • i took my tripod out, set it up to the correct height (1 minute)
  • brought my lamp out from my bedroom, plugged in and turned it on (5 minutes)
  • brought out a string of christmas lights and plugged them in (3 minutes)
  • set my ornament in the tree (1 minute)
  • taking my pictures, realizing they didn’t look good at that angle and then fixing the ornament and tripod angle (7 minutes)

oh yeah, then i decided oh i don’t like how that ornament looks in photos, so i eventually switched it to the other ornament that ended up in the image that was posted on instagram.

then it was another:

  • setting up the ornament in the branches (3 minutes)
  • changing the angle of the tripod (2 minutes)
  • and retaking the photos again (5 minutes)

but wait, there is more, you didn’t think i posted the image without editing it did you?

  • moved my photos from my camera to my phone (5 minutes)
  • edited them on the photos iphone app (3 minutes)
  • moved them to vsco and edited them (6 minutes)

so for a grand total of 41 minutes for 56 likes on an instagram photo.

now this seems really crazy, and i assure you this is crazy. like no one should be having to spend almost 3/4 of an hour ending up with only one photo that goes on the internet for not very many people even seeing it or let alone caring how long it takes you or what the image is even of.

now, this is sad because not only is it a time waste, but it also creates a sense that perfection is easy, just because we see it on our feeds. lmy photos should not have to be as good as a company who have hired many 8 people to make the same photo as i did in 40 minutes as a teenager, but you are expected to have good photos or no one will follow your instagram or care what you post.

its just sadness that the world has gone to this, that we just expect that it takes 41 minutes to make a photo, or 15 minutes to make a graphic which i use on every post, 3 days a week.  i also spend about 20 minutes each on my photo sets where i create outfits, and i honestly wonder if people even care, or just scroll past it to see articles about “free preppy stickers”.

okay thats all what i had to say and thank you for listening to my ranting!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)



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