Healthy Snacks to Eat

hey all!

you have known from my new years resolutions, but i have obviously been trying to become healthier as you may be been able to tell by seeing my workout routines, and my workout playlist. for me, my hungriest point in the day is typically from 3-4ish, i am never very hungry for breakfast and typically eat a bar. for lunch, i usually have oatmeal or leftovers from the past day and dinner is whatever we are making. my meals do not really tend to be that large ever since about a year ago i have been eating less. but the one time i am really hungry in the day is after school.

but the one time i am really hungry in the day is after school. and i guess its because school kinda takes it all out of me and i am tired, or maybe its because i just let loose after school. but today i wanted to share some snacks that are perfect to eat because they are filling and healthy.

here we go!

#1 : baked zucchini chips


#2 : sweet potato chips



#3 : lemon lime popsicles


#4 : 3 ingredient avocado toast


#5 : pina colada popsicles



#6 : no bake cookies



i hope you enjoy, and if any of you try out any of these recipes please let me know!!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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