What I’ve Been Reading : January 2017

hey all!

as well with getting healthier, one of my other goals has been to read more. i am in an advanced placement english language and composition class which means i have been reading a lot of short articles to find the argument and different rhetorical strategies, so today i decided to share some articles and books of what i have been reading!

lets go!

  1. “Black Mirror’s ‘Nosedive’ Skewers Social Media” – I highly suggest watching the series ‘Black Mirror’ season 3 episode one before reading this article. It is an awesome episode and extremely thought-provoking and is an inspiration for my article on why i hate social media.

  2. “If Sugar Is Harmless, Prove It” – This is an interesting article which takes a different stance, arguing that sugar is not really at fault for the obesity the world faces. I am not really a big science girl, I have never loved science despite my great understanding of it but as a girl who is really into different health things this article was a really good one to read.

  3. “A Soup Dumpling Crawl Through New York City” – If you love Xiao Long Bao as much as i do you will really appreciate this article. Although I am not a New York City local, I can appreciate a post about dumplings anytime.

  4. “This is What Couture Looks Like in the Age of Instagram” – This is a fashion post from Vogue which basically shares the photos and a little analysis of the different couture that we can see simply when we turn on our phones instead of just fashion magazines.

  5. “Are Baby Carrots as Healthful as Other Carrots?” – Okay, so y’all may ask me, why are you including this post, Kate? well simply I eat baby carrots every day during lunch, I eat my main entree with a side of baby carrots. It was really interesting to be able to see the science of something that I take for granted.

  6.  “Think You Have Asthma? You Might Not” – Although this article is a little short, its to the point, showing the facts and realities of a typical asthma diagnosis for an adult.
  7.  “A Grandmother’s Secret Turmeric Prescription” – TURMERIC! likely you have heard about it in the news or seen it on Pinterest but what is it? well, Turmeric is “a rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plant of the ginger family, Zingiberaceae” according to wikipedia. Apparently its really healthy, but anyway, read this article and it will give you more specs.

i hope you enjoyed!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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