Valentine’s Day DIYS

hey all!

its kate! its february so basically it means that its valentines day am i right? well anyway, ever since i was a kid i have loved crafts and found them really fun and calming so what else than doing valentines day crafts and showing them to you.

so in grade school i used to make my own valentines, my mom would find a cute idea in a parenting magazine (before pinterest existed!) and we would run with it, buying candy printing our designs cutting, gluing and on and on again for all of my classmates and teachers. now that

now that i am older, i no longer need to bring valentines to everyone in my class so its much easier to make cute personalized valentines for my friends! so after scouring pinterest i have come up with three ideas for y’all!

lets go!

#1: fortune cookie


inspired by : DIY inspired

i simply cut out circular paper pieces, printed little fortunes (and cut them out) and folded them and hot glued them in the middle of the “cookie”. of course, they are not as fun as cookies because they are not edible but they are super cute as well as SUPER easy!

i rate 5/5 and had gotten good responces from my family about it.

#2: “you are bow-tiful!” card

inspired by: bow origami piece

i love origami and i have always been good at it, and even if you aren’t good at origami this is super easy. please follow the link for the tutorial of how to create the bow, then i hot glued the bow to a regular cardstock card. i then followed to write the message and i think this is super easy because it only takes a few minutes but looks great!

#3: conversation heart bookmark

inspired by: page corner heart 

these super easy origami bookmarks are perfect as a little gift. they mimic conversation hearts and can be made in any color. please follow the link to see how to make them!

i hope you enjoy these diys, and if you complete any of them please comment them and post them as soon as you complete them!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)



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