1o Things You Still Didn’t Know About Me

hey all! after all these posts, there are still things that you don’t know about

i have been blogging for years, since 2014 actually! so naturally you guys probably know alot about me! i mean of course you know i am a high school student and a blogger, but after all these posts, there are still things that you don’t know about me.


  1. i have been a girl scout since kindergarten and am still selling girl scout cookies! i am currently working on my gold award, the highest honor for a girl scout.
  2. i cannot stand raw tomatoes, i think they look nasty and simply just scare me. but i will eat sundried tomatoes, tomato sauce and tomato soup. but if a dish has tomato in it (like whole pieces) i will ask for the kitchen to remove it. i know it sounds bratty but i am a very picky eater.
  3. ever since i was a little kid, i have loved winnie the pooh, and i continue to love pooh to this day. i just think he is so cute!
  4. i love boba. like all boba, i absolutely love how the texture feels, (although most people hate it) i love how squishy it is! my favorite boba place is called TPUMPS and my favorite flavor is green jolly rancher!
  5. i used to do musical theatre in middle school. i was really into it, but my talent did not exactly lie in singing, acting or dancing. but of course y’all know that i still LOVE broadway music.
  6. in the 8th grade i was obsessed with the fault in our stars. i mean i read the book on my flight home from new york and continued to be obsessed with it until the beginning of my freshman year (basically when i started this blog!). i moved on from my tfios obsession to my fashion obsession, so basically you are welcome.
  7. my family has always been a huge influence on me, teaching me all about art and how to appreciate it. my entire family are a talented bunch of writers, random fact know-ers, film-makers and photographers, believe me my artistic abilties come from somewhere. my family from a young age has always taught me not only the value of education, but the value of art.
  8. by far, my favorite halloween costume that i had as a child was a magic 8 ball that my family made. they made it for my sister, but i wore two years after her, i love it because it was such a unique idea and i had a totally homemade costume while other people still were buying there’s from party city.
  9. i am a really good cook. i am pretty sure my family can vouch for my fabulous french onion soup which i make alot during winter. but i also love making lemon chicken pasta, beans (that go with my dad’s tri-tip recipe) and best of all my homemade tomatillo salsa (which if y’all are lucky i might post on the blog soon!).
  10. i am so thankful for my art gals, (you know who you are : natalie, ellie, meg & allison) for all that they do for me, helping me to critique my work and get better in my craft and i am so glad to have them as a support system in my life!

i hope that you enjoy!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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