These are a Few of My Favorite Things : Pocket iPhone Cases

hey all!

happy thursday, it is almost the end of the school week! (thank god am i right) this week has been such a long and busy one and i just want a long weekend break.

so i decided that i wanted to start a new series, every month i want to share some of my favorite things, so today i decided that i wanted to share some pocket iphone cases. i love pocket iphone cases because i am lazy as hell, i just wanna be able to grab my phone when i go to the gas station, i don’t wanna have to bring my purse.

so let’s go why don’t we!

  1.  JimmyCASE Pocket iPhone Case
  2. Michael Kors Saffiano Leather Phone Case
  3. HEX Solo Case
  4. Madewell Leather Carryall Case
  5. Silk iPhone Wallet Case
  6. Incipio Wallet Case

these are my favorites, some fashion and some purely function, but i highly suggest that you try them out!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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