An Update with Kate -The College Process Begins

hey all!

first of all, happy valentines day! i hope you enjoy your day and show your love with all of the people you love today!

so really, let’s get to the meat of this post…

the college process…

three words that i was hoping i wouldn’t have to say this soon but all it has started. the craziness, and as of today i have taken both the act and the sat and had my first individual meeting with my school’s college counselors.

the college process is 72 crazy weeks of work, fear and waiting.

the last one, just waiting, lasts forever. i see all of my senior friends, just waiting and wondering. i am freaking out, like how can people be this patient! i am not too patient, i am very impatient, these colleges basically hanging the fate of these poor seniors in front of their faces, continuously sending emails and the topic always seems to come up, not only at school, but at home and in the social life.

i get the daily emails from at least 8 different schools, and then i get daily physical pieces of mail from 2-3 schools! this is per day, i typically get a point of contact from about 10 different schools, PER DAY. ten, there are basically thousands of colleges and universities across this country and i basically have gotten pieces of mail from 100 different schools so far, and i know they get my information from the SAT and the ACT, and i want some of that mail, but not all of it. but hey, i am hearing of schools i had never heard about before, which is pretty cool, because it allows me to learn about schools that i would otherwise never know about, but then again i get a ton of pieces of mail that i just shred, just seeing where it is from, then shredding it. i think i have only kept about 6 pieces of mail from places i am considering.

but on top of this all, to make this process even better, i am constantly stressed about grades and my extracurriculars, but i am so glad to have this blog to let out all of my stresses, love y’all!

i hope you enjoy!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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