Things I Have Learned from Being a Blogger

hey all!

whats up, its presidents day weekend, which has a nice day off, you can keep up with me daily if you have an instagram account, by following me and seeing my instagram stories where i post day to day content! i am sure you will love it!

but lets really get to the meaning of this post…

the things i have learned from being a blogger,

  1. you have to get your stuff done and be motivated. just finishing homework and posts and working out and seeing friends, like the day doesn’t all add up so sometimes you just have to hold onto the episode of the office for the next night.
  2. but, you also have to deal with times that you cannot always finish and sometimes fail. there are times i have missed posts, and almost cried if i couldn’t get a post finished. but i honestly have realized that missing posts isnt a big deal, as long as i am writing about what i love.
  3. everything is not as pretty as it seems actually, most things are a lot more complicated than they seem. like i have talked about many different ways blogging is complicated, like talking about how long it takes for a perfect photo which totally fits my instagram aesthetic.
  4. investing in your blog is where it’s at. spending money for nice camera is just a thing, in order to have pretty photos, you must have a good camera. therefore, investing in your blog, by making a big purchase makes your blog so much better!
  5. it doesn’t always have to be about the pretty picture. even though i just admitted that investing in your blog is good, the pretty picture is not the only thing that matters, because it’s also about the words and not just pictures.

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kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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