February Wishlist

hey all!

since its mid february, i decided it was time for a february wishlist. i have totally been a online looker, i mean this was a tough week for me which i have a test EVERY SINGLE DAY! so i think that online shopping is really stress-relieving, i mean would i rather study about hawley smoot tariff or shop, obviously the second one, but grades always come first even if sometimes i don’t want to think that way!

  1. ashe place & sticker
  2. nike roshe run sneakers
  3. ‘christey’ wraparound ankle tie sandal

  4. benefit high beam highlighter
  5. pastel pink nail polish 
  6. cameron street neema leather backpack
  7. off the shoulder top
  8. brunch hat

hope you enjoy!

also! i have a special deal for all my readers… a free chatbook!


here is mine, i chose my image of macarons for the cover.

when you go through THIS LINK, you can get a free book of any photos you want! i hope y’all try it out today, the code lasts until march 9th. so make sure to get your free chatbooks!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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