My Travel Wishlist

hey all!

i am on countdown, 12 days till i leave for my vacation! i am so excited not only because i need a break from school, but that i get to visit so many cool colleges and universities on the east coast, I mean i am SO ready! i am so excited, but like any trip there are things that i need, and things that i want (but don’t need).

so today i am sharing with y’all the things that i dont need, instead the things that i want! lets get started!

  1. adidas originals striped jersey tee
  2. marble s’well water bottle 
  3. kate spade cameron street neema backpack
  4. flight 101 x-ray neon pink flight quart bag
  5. steve madden aviator sunglasses
  6. milk highlighter
  7. nordstrom ‘clean’ small hoop earrings
  8. leuchtturm 1917 notebook
  9. monogram eye mask
  10. adidas superstars pink
  11. makeup brushes 
  12. topshop windowpane pajama shorts

i hope you enjoyed!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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