An Update with Kate: “Stressed” is “Desserts” Spelled Backwards

hey all!

its kate!

march has been a crazy busy month.

from advanced placement classes, my gold award project and preparing for my trip my life is madness. all of my friends are stressed and so am i, i am just so stressed out

i am just so stressed out…

its a constant, nothing makes me feel better. more sleep only makes me feel more tired. doing fun stuff in my free time only makes me feel bad because i am not doing work that i am supposed to be doing. overall, i just feel underwhelmed, like i am doing so much school work, it doesn’t faze me anymore and i am not as happy doing the things that i had been doing before.

my one constant has been exercise.

i was not an exercise girl about a year ago. i mean i played basketball and golf but did exercise for fun. i started exercise for health purposes, maintaining my figure as it was but now i look forward to my exercise. my weekends are really cannot exist without my walks.

i get a little color (because it has been heating up here in CA!) as well as exercise.

but i also have fallen back to ice cream,

its technically hard to say this just because i am lactose, but i have been eating so much sorbet. i am so obsessed right now, and it always makes me feel better.

i hope you enjoy hearing my problems!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)



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