My East Coast Journey

hey all!

i am back in california!

and my trip was fabulous.

if you did not know, i was fortunate enough to visit the east coast for 6 days to visit some universities in which i am considering attending in about a year! so actually today i just wanted to talk a little about my trip, where i visited and where i spent a little of my free time!

here we go!

so basically, i visited 15 schools in the east coast area with a large group of my classmates. 

i really enjoyed all of the schools i visited last week and not only learned a lot about myself, but a lot about the colleges too!
of course, i had a little free time too, 

  i enjoyed all of the food places i visited, i obviously had a lot of food, thus the pictures which i will talk about later this week in more posts and etc

but overall, i know this is a short post, but i wanted to share pictures of my stuff! 

i am so excited to continue sharing my posts this week! 


kate wins!


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