East Coast: New York

hey all!

i am back again with a post about my trip to the east coast! i know it seems drawn out but i wanted to share with you guys all about my trip! also just random update: i just finished 13 reasons why on netflix, and i am telling y’all if you are in high school – or older, of course, you should really watch this series because not only is it extremely groundbreaking but it tackles the tough subjects of life in a way that can be extremely relatable.

anyway, here we go!

new york

so basically how our trip was divided, we went directly from boston to brown, connecticut college and yale for day 2


all of the schools i visited were awesome! every school had awesome tour guides and many cool programs and specialities to over students. i am definitely considering some of these schools  (all of the ones i have visited that is) to apply to next year! and then followed with a free evening in new york.

and then, since yale is not too far, we drove to new york and had a free evening in new york.


i visited eataly for the second time in my life, and for the second time in my life i had the life-changing bucatini all’amatriciana from eataly and let me tell you it was just FANTASTIC! if you didn’t get it, i love italian food!

and then, by a suggestion from one of my sister’s friends who goes to school in new york we went to amorino gelato and got one of the pretty roses


and then we walked around times square and took photos



and the following day we visited nyu and had free time in new york!


i decided to go to cha cha matcha, which is cute and if not cuter in person than it is in photos


i hope you enjoy my photos and look for more on instagram in the days to come!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)


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