My Birthday Wishlist

hey all!

not łike anyone is counting but it’s officially

11 full days to my birthday!

i am not sure if i am excited or not to turn 17 but i am really not ready for may to start because that means AP EXAMS

here we go! here is my wishlist!

  1. jody ankle-tie espadrilles
  2. louis vuitton key pouch
  3. iphone 7 
  4. deborah lippman nail polish set
  5. moon and lola monogram necklace
  6. macbook air 
  7. kate spade black purse
  8. adidas superstars
  9. ray ban aviators
  10. case
  11. kate spade stationery 

and you can see more here on my pinterest list:

i hope you enjoy!


kwe monogram(aka kate wins!)